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Peace can be found in stillness and calm

Counselling can help…

The word Irinni is taken from the Greek word meaning peace. My reason for using this name came about when I was training; each person I worked with commented that it was a peaceful experience. Peace can be found in stillness and calm; I aim to work with you to reach some peace in your life.

Sometimes life can seem out of control and unbalanced, hectic, shaken or agitated through Anxiety, Abuse, Post Traumatic Stress, Bereavement or Addiction. Counselling can help.  By talking, weekly, we can explore, together, areas where life seems out of control and work towards bringing peace to the situation.  

It may be hard to talk, scary possibly, but once that fear is shared, healing from the inside can begin. I offer a safe space, giving you the opportunity to talk with someone, to break out of the patterns that have been used, to reflect on past difficulties, life’s issues and relationship difficulties, to find ways of coping better.

How long are your sessions?

My sessions are 1 hour long, at the same time every week.

What areas do you specialise in?

The areas I specialise in are Abuse, (domestic abuse (physical, emotional), substance misuse, childhood sexual abuse) trauma, depression and anxiety.

Do you visit clients?

No, I don't visit clients all consultations are held in my therapy room.

What if I need to cancel an appointment

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations, or full fee is required.


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