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Peace can be found in stillness and calm

Counselling can help…

The word Irinni is taken from the Greek word meaning peace. My reason for using this name came about when I was training; each person I worked with commented that it was a peaceful experience. Peace can be found in stillness and calm; I aim to work with you to reach some peace in your life.

Sometimes life can seem out of control and unbalanced, hectic, shaken or agitated through Anxiety, Abuse, Post Traumatic Stress, Bereavement or Addiction. Counselling can help.  By talking, weekly, we can explore, together, areas where life seems out of control and work towards bringing peace to the situation.  

It may be hard to talk, scary possibly, but once that fear is shared, healing from the inside can begin. I offer a safe space, giving you the opportunity to talk with someone, to break out of the patterns that have been used, to reflect on past difficulties, life’s issues and relationship difficulties, to find ways of coping better.


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Online Therapy Comparison Table

Possible Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Therapy

Advantages Disadvantages
A1 - Some clients are used to communicating on screens for work meetings and family chats, and they have adapted to the differences. Some may prefer it as they can get ‘closer’.D1 - Some people may have different experiences due to the lack of visual and auditory cues and may feel that we are ‘further apart’.
A2 - Any physical difficulties related to travel to and from a physical therapy room are removed. And sessions are easier to schedule into a busy person's diary due to no transportation time required when having sessions on their screen.D2 - Some people may have unexpected emotional responses during or after sessions. This can be due to psychological processes being impacted by communicating via technology, which can make us say things differently in sessions.
A3 - There can be an experience of consistency in the regularly occurring therapeutic space, even if the physical space is not consistent (e.g. if people are in varying locations).D3 - There are limits to the amount of confidentiality that a therapist can guarantee to a client when using technology due to communication passing through platforms that the therapist does not own.
A4 - Communicating from their own safe protected space might feel preferable to some clientsD4 - It may be difficult to organise a safe, private, and quiet place