Stop, Listen, Breathe

As I sit here, I listen. So much can be missed in the busyness of life. I hear the sounds of planes overhead and cars on the road. The clock ticking steadily. Occasionally I hear a voice; people talking, children playing. My breathing is deep and slow. My heart beats steadily. I am still, relaxed.

Taking the time to stop and listen, to breathe, is essential in this busy life. It can be so easy to rush around from one thing to another, always giving and never stopping.

Tuning into the body takes time. Listen to what your body is saying, attend to its needs. Stopping and listening, slowing the breathing, deep and slow, helps our mind and body relax. Think on the breathing, concentrate, breathing in and breathing out. If the mind wanders, bring it back again. We all deserve at least 5 minutes a day to stop and breathe and listen!

Take the time.

What wonder the world is to the young, they have so much time, everything is new and exciting. If there is time, use it to look, to feel, to smell, to touch. As the season changes, the colours become vibrant, the air changes as do the smells. Kick the leaves, splash in the puddles, feel the leaves crumble in your hand. Savour the food, the smell, the taste.

Use those senses.