Making 2022 Your Best Year Yet | Family and friends celebrating the New Year

Making 2022 Your Best Year Yet

After a tough couple of years I want to encourage everyone to step into next year with a positive outlook and hope for good times to come, and with a commitment to make 2022 your best year yet.

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White lady in her 40s smiling outdoors with greenery behind her | Improve Your Mental Health With These Simple Habits

Improve Your Mental Health With These Simple Habits

World Mental Health Day has rolled around once more, and whilst raising awareness of mental health is never a bad thing, mental health is something we need to work on every day. It’s important to build positive habits that support good mental health, as it’s all too easy to get into a downward spiral when…

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Woman walking in nature with children | 7 Ideas to enjoy nature for better mental health.

7 Ideas to Enjoy Nature for Better Mental Health

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is focused on the theme of nature and there is a good reason for that. There are many proven benefits of being exposed to nature and the positive impact it has on mental health and wellbeing. Being in nature helps you take time out from life’s everyday demands and…

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