Mature lady with grey hair and glasses smiles whilst sitting outside with leaves behind her. The Power of the Pause. Irinni Counselling

The Power of the Pause

Life can be hectic at times and the tasks on our to-do list seem never-ending, but there is power in the pause, if only we slow down, even for just a moment.

With jobs to go to, children or relatives to care for, homes to clean, shopping to do, meals to cook, appointments to organise, and bills waiting to be paid, life can get pretty full-on.

But throw into the mix a job loss, relationship breakdown, death of a loved one, health issues, or challenging needs of children and sometimes the plates you were carefully spinning in the air come crashing to the ground. 

When this happens, being kind to yourself and taking good care of yourself is key to getting things back on track.

But there is something you can do before then.

Something simple.


Yep, just pause.

It’s easy and it’s free.

There is power in the pause, but only if we take the time to stop momentarily. 

The world is not going to slow down around you and get less busy simply because you want it to. You have to commit to taking time to pause.

Start with small opportunities…

  • Check in on how you are feeling when you wake up in the morning
  • Gaze out of the window at the clouds or planes as you wait for the kettle to boil
  • Look at yourself in the mirror when getting dressed and notice what you appreciate about yourself
  • Take a few relaxing deep breaths before you leave the house
  • Notice the wonder of the world around you as you travel to work
  • Sit quietly with your lunch and savour the flavours instead of rushing the food down in front of your computer or tv
  • Open your window and listen for birds or people chatting as they go about their day
  • Admire how the leaves on the trees change through the seasons
  • Soak up the smells around you on rainy days

These short pauses allow you to feel calm and re-centred, to tune into your body and feelings, to appreciate the world around you, and feel more connected to life.

They can make a world of difference to your day – and to the day of those around you as the positive effects of taking time to pause ripple out to others.

Any time you feel stressed or anxious, be sure to take an intentional pause and reset your state of mind. It can take just a few moments and lead to a more positive day. And the more you do it, the more positive days you will end up having.

And if you need more support, I’m here for that. Counselling offers a safe place. A place where someone will really listen to you. Where you are heard and acknowledged. Because you deserve to live a calm, peaceful and content life.

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