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Support in Returning Home

It can be hard coming back to ‘reality’. But then, what is reality? Having been away on tour (with the armed forces), or maybe working away in countries that are experiencing war the sense of reality changes. How can anyone understand what’s been seen or heard? How can anyone feel the same way? Who will…

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Anxiety is a strong feeling of worry.  It is a normal emotion, which is experienced by many people before an event such as an exam.  But when anxiety takes over it can become overwhelming and interfere with everyday life.  Maybe we’ve seen something on television that unnerves us and we are then worrying it may…

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A peaceful environment is a must

What to look for in a counsellor

Before I started my career as a counsellor I had no idea there were so many different approaches in counselling. Now, if I look for a counsellor, I see so many different theories. But what do we really look for when we’re searching? So, I asked a few questions, and compiled the answers, along with…

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